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Mastering the Viktor Hovland Putting Grip: A Step-by-Step Guide

Posted byBy John Austin

How many times have you watched Viktor Hovland sink a put and found yourself wondering, “How does he do it?” Well, you’re in for a treat. This article isn’t just about admiring Hovland’s golfing prowess – it’s about learning and mastering the Viktor Hovland putting grip. A grip so unique and effective, it’s practically a golf game-changer. So if you’re eager to elevate your playing strategy, sink more putts, and perhaps have the edge in your next golfing round, then get ready to embrace change! This guide is your step-by-step pathway to mastering this distinct putting technique.


When we think about smashing achievements in golf, one cannot help but admire the meteoric rise of Viktor Hovland. From his delightful demeanor to his unbelievable drive, Hovland truly stands out as a star on the fairway. But, it’s not just his swing that draws admiration – it’s his masterful command of putting, specifically his unique grip that strikes a noticeable chord.

Viktor Hovland’s golfing achievements

To say that Viktor Hovland’s career took off like a rocket might be an understatement! Bursting on the global golfing scene with a bang, he started his journey as the first Norwegian to win the U.S. Amateur in 2018. Grabbing the low amateur medal in both The Masters and the U.S. Open, he didn’t just settle for ‘making an impression’ – he became a thunderbolt in the golfing arena. Hovland’s professional career has been equally impressive, where he has already bagged multiple PGA Tour victories.

Among his accolades and achievements, what has truly set Hovland apart is his unique putting technique. It’s like watching a maestro conduct an orchestra – a perfectly harmonized blend of skill, power, and subtle finesse. Thinking about it makes me wonder, “What if we, too, could master this Hovland technique? What would our golfing game look like then?”

Overview of the ‘Viktor Hovland putting grip’

The answer to the above question brings us to the magic at hand: the Viktor Hovland putting grip. Imagine your golf club being like a delicate quill and your grip the ink that translates your thoughts onto the putting green. Hovland’s grip, then, would be akin to a poet’s ink, controlled yet free-flowing, enabling him to make poetry with his putter.

Known for a ‘left-hand low’ or ‘cross-handed’ grip, Hovland’s technique is a departure from the conventional putting grip of most golfers. It’s a putting grip that flows against the tide, yet manages to ride the current masterfully – just like a salmon swimming upstream to the delight and awe of onlookers.

Why would you want to replicate something as unique as the Viktor Hovland putting grip? Well, perhaps, it holds the secret to unfurling a whole new layer of your golfing potential. After all, if it could help a golf prodigy like Hovland make his mark, it might just be the spark your golfing game needs too. Now, don’t you think it’s time we take a closer look?

In the next section, we’ll dive deep into the specifics of Viktor Hovland’s unique putting grip. We’ll explore the sublime interplay of hands, fingers, and wrists that gives this technique its incredible effectiveness. It’s time to unlock, understand, and adventure into the world of the Viktor Hovland’s putting grip! Let’s hit the green, shall we?

Analyzing Viktor Hovland’s Putting Grip

The magic behind Viktor Hovland’s phenomenal performance on the green does not lie in his expensive clubs or his athletic prowess, but instead, it’s hidden in the heart of his distinctive putting grip. Let us embark on a gripping tour of the Viktor Hovland putting grip, and you will soon understand why it is a stroke of genius in the world of golf.

Description of Viktor Hovland’s Grip Technique

Hovland’s putting grip is more than just a grip; it’s a fame-defining technique that has projected him to the forefront of the greens. Have you ever held a sand-filled balloon cautiously, worried about it bursting? It’s somewhat similar to the gentle approach Viktor takes with his putter. He utilizes the “left-hand low” or “cross-handed” grip, breaking away from traditional protocol. This grip involves him placing his left hand lower on the handle than his right hand, contrary to the usual grip pattern in golf . Becoming comfortable with this counter-intuitive positioning required considerable practice and patience, but the results are self-evident.

Visuals Demonstrating Hand Placement

A picture can say a thousand words, and in the case of Hovland’s grip, a visual makes all the difference. Along with his unconventional hand positioning, Hovland chokes down on the club, enabling a slightly longer – specifically, 1.5 inches longer – putter. Think of it as a tall person in a small room; they have to stoop a bit to avoid hitting their head, right? It’s much the same when Hovland adjusts his hold, stooping over the grip end.

Hovland’s grip displays a balance between utmost simplicity and sophisticated skill. It’s like watching a brilliant cooking show where the most daring and complicated dishes are made with the simplest ingredients. His grip involves only three fundamental steps; maintaining the counterbalance, securing the right hand placement to optimize control, and mastering the right pressure. Translating this technique into significant gains on the course might seem daunting, but like all good recipes, it’s all about starting from the basics and refining for flavor.

Down the Line

As with most unique putting grips, replicating them involves a significant amount of practice and understanding the mechanics. The Viktor Hovland putting grip doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it’s nurtured and refined by countless hours of practice, expert coaching, and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics.

Bear in mind, until you give it a shot on the putting greens, Hovland’s method might seem as surreal as seeing a bird paddle in water. But once you break down the steps, try it, and persist through the initial discomfort, you might just unearth a whole new potential in your game.

Comparing with Traditional Grips

Wondering how Viktor Hovland’s putting grip differs from the traditional way of doing things? You aren’t alone! It’s a common question that pops up at the clubhouse, and for a good reason. Traditionally, golf grips have followed a certain status quo, sort of like your grandma’s secret cookie recipe. But Hovland’s technique is like adding a new twist to that old, reliable recipe – a pinch of spice that revitalizes the flavor.

Explanation of Traditional Putting Grips

In a traditional golf grip, the left hand (for a right-handed golfer) is positioned at the top of the golf club’s handle, while the right hand rests below the left. It’s akin to reaching for the top shelf in your kitchen cabinet – you naturally extend your dominant hand to grab the item and use the other to support. This natural ergonomic positioning facilitates a comfortable stroke with the right hand guiding the club [^1^].

However, Hovland’s grip turns this convention upside down. How? By placing his right hand on top and the left hand below. Imagine trying to reach for that same top shelf with your less dominant arm – it would feel weird, wouldn’t it?

Let’s compare these two styles by looking at their unique characteristics:

Dominant HandRight hand underRight hand top
PressureMore pressure on right handBalanced pressure
ControlMore control for right-handed golfersWorks well for both right and left-handers
Wrist ActionSubstantial wrist actionLimited wrist action

Advantages of the ‘Viktor Hovland putting grip’

Now, you might be wondering why Hovland would shake up a tried-and-true style. Well, think of it as a change of scenery – sometimes, a fresh perspective makes all the difference. By putting the right hand on top, Hovland reduces wrist action, creating a smoother stroke. It’s kind of like trading a bumpy dirt road for a smooth patch of highway.

This grip also allows him to evenly distribute the pressure between both hands, optimizing control . It’s like holding a fragile antique – you wouldn’t want to put too much pressure on one side and risk it slipping out of your hand, would you? This balanced pressure translates to a controlled, consistent stroke that delivers a smooth glide on the greens, making those elusive birdies just an arm’s reach away!

By comparing traditional grips with Hovland’s innovative method, we can see the unique advantages it offers and why it’s worth a shot. Yes, it requires breaking away from comfortable habits, but once you get the hang of it, the rewards are, quite literally, game-changing. Remember, the keeper of a flexible mind never fears the prospect of evolution. So take a leaf out of Hovland’s book – it’s time to grip your game in a new light.

Replicating the Viktor Hovland Putting Grip

Alright, you’ve seen the blueprints of the revolutionary Viktor Hovland putting grip, and you’ve got a taste of its benefits like a well-brewed cup of coffee. But reading about steps is like looking at the cover of a novel; the real depth lies within. So, let’s don the proverbial lab coats and get experimental, replicating this grip to bring the Viktor Hovland magic into your game.

Step 1: Hand Placement and Alignment

When it comes to the Viktor Hovland putting grip, the hand placement feels like turning your world upside down. Unlike traditional grips, where your dominant hand is at the bottom, this grip technique places your dominant hand (right for right-handed golfer) on the top.

It’s like arranging the books on your shelf – instead of the large, weighty volumes on top and smaller ones on the bottom, you’re going to go for a radical change in the arrangement. To follow suit, place your left hand below the right, ensuring that they’re evenly aligned. Your fingers should be relaxed, spread apart, and wrapped around the club, while keeping both thumbs pointing down the club’s shaft.

Step 2: Proper Finger Positioning

Finger positioning plays a vital part in your grip stability. It’s like the arranging tiles on a Scrabble board; you need to position them correctly to form the right words (or in this case, the right shots). For the Viktor Hovland grip, you need to overlay your fingers such that the index finger and thumb of your dominant hand rest atop the fingers of your other hand.

In essence, it’s like your fingers are holding hands, and this love story continues with your left hand’s little finger resting in the groove between your right hand’s index and middle fingers. Picture your fingers like puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly , and you’re almost there.

Step 3: Grip Pressure and Wrist Movement

Now that the stage is set with precise hand positioning, it’s time for the final act – managing the grip pressure and wrist movement. Adjustable grip pressure is the hidden trick to Hovland’s style of putting. It’s much like adjusting the seasoning in a well-loved recipe, balancing is key. You can’t let your dominant hand overpower; this grip is about balancing the weight between both hands.

Minimize wrist movement while swinging. Fun fact: you’re not performing a magic wand-waving ritual; you’re attempting a smooth, controlled stroke. It might feel a bit unusual, like riding a bike for the first time, but have no fear. With practice, it gets a whole lot easier.

Step 4: Practice Drills for Mastering the Grip

Hang tight! We’ve arrived at the final destination of our exciting grip journey, and the view here is all about embracing practice drills. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, implying that perfection takes time and patience. So, roll up those sleeves and take out your putters; it’s time to hit the practice greens. Design drills that simulate real on-course situations and soon enough, you’ll navigate the smooth highways of the Viktor Hovland putting grip with ease.

By following these detailed steps and incorporating the Viktor Hovland putting grip into your game, you’re getting ready to experience golf in a whole new light. Don’t fret if it feels a tad strange in the beginning; change usually does. With consistent practice and unwavering patience, this grip will turn your putting game into a force to reckon with, just like Viktor Hovland’s[^6^]. Welcome to a world where you can putt like a pro! So, are you ready to make waves on the green and become the talk of the clubhouse? Let’s get started!

Mastering this grip is much more than memorizing the previous steps – it’s about diving into consistent practice, exploring its subtleties, and honing your skills till they shine as bright as a midsummer golf tournament trophy.

Best Practices for Practicing the Grip

First things first, implementing change can land you in uncharted waters, and the same applies to the adventure of the Viktor Hovland putting grip. Good news? The seas of change are navigable with a well-crafted compass of practice strategies.

Start small. It’s like learning to juggle – begin with one ball before moving onto two or three. Practice your grip at a slow pace, allowing your muscle memory to adjust. As you get comfortable, increase the pace gradually. Moreover, practice in front of a mirror, or better yet, record your sessions. This allows you to evaluate your form and address discrepancies in your grip or posture.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Nobody gets it perfect the first time – not even the pros. Here are some speed bumps you might encounter while traversing the Viktor Hovland highway:

  • Incorrect hand placement: Ensure that your dominant hand is on top and your hands are evenly aligned. Otherwise, it’s like wearing a tweezer the wrong way round – you just won’t get a good grip!
  • Excessive grip pressure: Remember the well-loved recipe analogy? Smothering the club with pressure is like over-salting your dish – it ruins the balance and your shot.
  • Inconsistent practice: Practice makes perfect, and consistency is key. Skipping your practice is like missing your daily run – it impedes progress.

Tips for Incorporating the Grip into Your Game

Finally, here’s your checklist for embedding the Viktor Hovland putting grip into your game:

  • Stay patient: Weaving this grip into your game is a process, almost like a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly. It takes time, so be patient.
  • Keep experimenting: Use the grip in different situations and terrains. Variety is the spice of life, and in golf, it’s the salt that seasons your game.
  • Embrace feedback: Grab a friend or a coach, and let them watch your form. Second opinions can open new doors of improvement.

By identifying the shortcomings and employing the correct strategies, you can make the ‘Viktor Hovland putting grip’ your second nature. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so take it slow and steady, and soon enough, you’ll be putting in style. Just like Viktor Hovland. How’s that for levelling up your game? Keep practicing and keep pushing boundaries. Because there are fairways to conquer, greens to rule, and records to break. It’s time to leave your own mark on the course!

Conclusion: Rise to the Challenge with the Viktor Hovland Putting Grip

Inevitably, learning a new skill can feel like tackling an overly-complicated jigsaw puzzle. But, stick with it, and suddenly, all the pieces begin to click into place. That’s how it goes with the Viktor Hovland putting grip. At first glance, it might have seemed like deciphering an unknown secret code, but with practice and dedication, you’ve started putting it effectively into play.

The magic behind this innovative grip lies in the details, like learning the optimum hand placement or mastering the correct pressure. It might seem tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you will realize how it levels up your game. Just picture yourself as a painter. Initially, holding the brush might be uncomfortable, but as you paint more, every stroke leads to a beautiful canvas – in golf, it’s your improved putting prowess!

Bear in mind that any transition requires patience and persistence. The path to mastering the Viktor Hovland putting grip will seem rough at times. You might even have moments when you feel like a ship caught in a stormy sea. But remember, the calm after the storm is worth waiting for. Once you sail through the challenges, the results will speak for themselves and reflect in your winning scores.

Merely learning the grip doesn’t hold the key to golfing greatness. The trick lies in integrating this unique technique into your game strategy. Your journey doesn’t end with the grip; it begins there. Brace yourself to face the upcoming obstacles, because, like shadows in the evening, challenges grow bigger as you march towards your goal.

But hey, don’t let the hurdles discourage you. Instead, consider them as stepping stones to become the golfer you aspire to be. After all, no rehearsal ever matches up to the real performance. Will the grip magic work on a rainy day, or is it more effective in the desert heat? Only out there on the course, you will get the chance to test the waters and steer towards your victory.

Ready to start climbing the staircase to golfing excellence, one Viktor Hovland-inspired step at a time? You’ve embraced a change, a grip that might seem alien at first but is potentially a game-changer. Keep striving, and remember, always stay on the path even when it gets rocky. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. So think of the Viktor Hovland grip as your high tide – ride it, and you may just be the next big wave in the world of golf.

In the end, there’s no shortcut to success. It’s the consistent practice, solid commitment, and the will to push beyond the ordinary that transforms a good golfer into a great one. Stay the course, master the Viktor Hovland putting grip, and who knows? You might just be the next trailblazer inspiring golfers around the globe.

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