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Perfecting Your Putting Grip: The Brooks Koepka Style

Posted byBy John Austin

Brooks Koepka, a (now) fifth-time major golf champion, is well-known for his precise and powerful strokes on the course. Part of his success, however, can be attributed to his unique and effective putting grip. In this article, we will explore the details of the Brooks Koepka putting grip, understand its benefits, and provide tips on incorporating this technique into your own putting game.

The Brooks Koepka Putting Grip Explained

Koepka’s grip is characterized by his right index finger extending down the putter’s shaft rather than being curled around the handle. This alternative grip style helps stabilize the putter face and provides a better feel and control during the putting stroke. Koepka can maintain a consistent putter face angle by placing his finger down the shaft and preventing the right wrist from breaking down during the backstroke.

In addition to its stabilizing effect, this grip also allows for better alignment of the eyes over the ball. Koepka stands quite close to the ball, putting his eyes directly over the line, which is an ideal position for accurate putting. This setup, combined with the extended finger grip, creates a more consistent and efficient putting stroke.

Furthermore, the Brooks Koepka putting grip encourages a shorter backstroke, which is beneficial for maintaining control and preventing excessive wrist movement. By shortening the backstroke, golfers can focus more on the forward stroke and the release of the putter, leading to improved accuracy and distance control.

Another critical aspect of this grip is the reduced tension in the arms. Koepka’s relaxed grip allows for a smoother and more fluid putting stroke, crucial for maintaining consistency and feels on the greens. The reduced tension also contributes to better distance control, as golfers can better sense the load in the putter shaft and make necessary adjustments to their stroke.

Overall, the Brooks Koepka putting grip offers a unique approach to the traditional putting grip, focusing on stability, alignment, and reduced tension to improve overall putting performance. By implementing this grip technique, golfers can expect to see improvements in their consistency, accuracy, and distance control on the greens.

Benefits of the Brooks Koepka Putting Grip

The Brooks Koepka putting grip is more than just a unique technique a top golfer employs; it offers tangible benefits that can help improve your putting game. Let’s explore the three main advantages you can gain by adopting this grip style:

  1. Consistency: The extended right index finger in this grip helps to stabilize the putter face, preventing it from opening too much during the backstroke. This leads to a more consistent and square putter face at impact, resulting in improved accuracy on the greens.
  2. Delivery: By creating a putter shaft load through the extended finger, the grip allows for better ball roll and improved distance control. The load generated in the shaft can be felt through the fingertip, giving the golfer a better connection with the club and more control over the delivery of the putt.
  3. Control: The increased feel of the shaft load when using this grip provides better distance control, allowing golfers to fine-tune their putting strokes and achieve more accurate results on the greens.

Tips for Implementing Your Putting Grip

Transitioning to the Brooks Koepka putting grip might seem unconventional initially, but with a few simple adjustments and practice, you can start to experience its benefits. Here are some essential tips to help you incorporate this grip into your putting routine:

  1. Bend your right forefinger and place the fingertip on the back of the shaft.
  2. Apply enough pressure with the fingertip to lock your right wrist, ensuring a stable putter face during the backstroke.
  3. Practice feeling the load generated in the shaft through your fingertip to understand better how it affects your putting stroke.

A Few More Things to Know for Golf Success

Implementing the Brooks Koepka putting grip into your game offers numerous benefits, from increased consistency to better control. However, It is important to remember that a perfect putting grip alone won’t guarantee golf success. Understanding the fundamentals, green reading, setting up a plan, and regular practice is critical for achieving optimal results.

By mastering and incorporating the Brooks Koepka putting grip into your golf arsenal, you may notice a significant improvement in your performance on the green, potentially leading to lower scores and greater accomplishment on the course. Remember, practice is critical, and dedicating time to fine-tune your putting grip will ultimately pay off in the long run. Happy golfing!

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