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The Power of Bold Belief Systems in Golf Coaching: A Lesson from Joseph Mayo

Posted byBy Baden Schaff

In the world of golf coaching, success hinges not only on mastering knowledge but also on effectively conveying your beliefs to your students. Storytelling is a potent tool that can set you apart as a coach. In this blog post, we’ll explore how being bold in your belief system can make you more compelling when attracting new students. To illustrate this, we’ll take a closer look at the journey of a short game coach named Joseph Mayo, who has made waves in the golf industry by embracing a technique that goes against the grain of recent trends.

1. The Power of Conviction:

Joseph Mayo’s story begins with an idea that is not entirely new in the world of golf coaching. He reintroduced the concept of an increased attack angle and greater shaft lean, contrary to the prevailing trends of a shallow attack angle and reduced shaft lean. What sets Joseph apart is the unwavering conviction with which he tells his story. He believes in his method wholeheartedly, and his confidence is contagious. It’s not just about the technique; it’s about his belief in it.

2. The Courage to Challenge Norms:

Joseph’s approach isn’t for the faint of heart. It challenges the established norms and trends in the current golf industry. The risk of creating debate and facing pushback from peers and students is high. However, it is precisely this courage that makes him stand out. It’s a reminder that being bold in your belief system can lead to innovation and drive change in an industry. After all, fortune favors the brave. Have you ever met a wealthy cynic?

3. Effective Storytelling:

One of the keys to Joseph’s success is his ability to tell his story clearly and compellingly. “The Trackman Maestro” (great branding) doesn’t just talk about the technical aspects of his coaching; he weaves a narrative around it. He illustrates the journey from his early skepticism to full belief and the results he’s achieved. Effective storytelling makes his ideas more relatable and memorable to his audience. Joe will no doubt soon be accused of teaching a method. But this is actually what students want! From our experience, the last thing golfers want is a coach who “just works with what you have.” Be specific have a model and tell that story.

4. The Viral Potential:

In Joseph’s case, his descriptive terminology has the potential to become viral in the golf coaching community. “Spin Loft!” is a term that TrackMan created but arguably, Joe now owns it! He even uses two fingers in a sideways “V” to create a visual demonstration of what Spin Loft is. Even Viktor Hovland, the world’s hottest player and Joe’s star pupil, uses the hand sign on TV when explaining his newly understood concept. The way he communicates his ideas with unique terms, phrases, and even gestures sets his approach apart. These are all easy to remember and share, increasing the likelihood of his ideas spreading throughout the industry.

5. Owning the Look:

It’s not just about what Joseph says; it’s also about how he presents himself. Joseph always wears a visor, something that is definitely not in fashion in golf at the moment, but it’s undeniably Joe Mayo. He owns this look with confidence, and it has become a part of his personal brand. It’s a reminder that being bold in your beliefs can extend to your personal style and image, setting you apart and making you memorable.


Hopefully, Joe will be coaching on Skillest in the near future, and if he does, I know that he will be instantly successful. As many of you know, building a big Skillest business can be difficult and time-consuming. There can be a lot of friction for students initially. They need a phone holder, a swing on their phone, find the right coach, get their credit card out, etc. But that friction will completely evaporate when they love your message so much that they will do anything to experience it. Your services need to be so compelling that they are a NEED! Joseph Mayo’s success as a golf coach demonstrates the power of being bold in your belief system and storytelling. By embracing a technique that challenges the current trends, he has captured the imagination of the golf industry. He has shown that conviction, courage, effective storytelling, and a unique personal brand can make you a compelling and influential coach. So, the next time you’re looking to attract new students, consider the power of your beliefs and how you tell your own story. Your boldness and conviction may just be the key to your success on and beyond.

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