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Learn to control your wedges with Ryan Hager

Ryan Hager is an incredibly decorated young coach. He was recently recognized as one of Golf Digest’s best young coaches. In this video, him and Baden Schaff discuss one of his students who had lots of trouble with his wedges. He had little to no ability to bring the flight down and playing in the…

Posted byBy Skillest Staff

What is Stack & Tilt?

Three of the most polarizing words in the world of golf coaching and golf lessons are ‘Stack & Tilt’. Introduced in the June 2007 issue of Golf Digest, it instigated mixed responses from the golfing community. Advocates call it a game-changing approach to golf, while skeptics fear its potential impact on the artistic elements of…

Posted byBy Nick Adcock

The way you practice has changed forever!

This is not just another post on a swing tip that is going to improve your golf swing. But more to offer insight into how changing the way you learn can trigger some improvement.  So first hear me out, I most likely know your situation, you play golf on a Saturday pick up your score…

Posted byBy Toby McGeachie

The ultimate Brooks Koepka bunker analysis

We are incredibly excited to have the coach of Brooks Koepka, Jeff Pierce now coaching on Skillest. Jeff is an incredibly talented PGA Tour coach who has made a name for himself as a short game specialist. To launch his profile on Skillest we sat down with him for the most comprehensive breakdown of Brooks…

Posted byBy Baden Schaff

Belgium’s best swings analysed!

Over the weekend we saw Thomas Detry come so so close to getting his first European tour win. For the size of the country Belguim has always punched above its weight in term of performance at the elite level. Players like Nicholas Colsaerts and Thomas Pieters have been regulars on the European Ryder Cup team…

Posted byBy Baden Schaff

Jason Kokrak swing analysis with his coach Drew Steckel

Drew Steckel is one of the hottest golf coaches on tour. In particular he is renowned for taking tour veterans who have had mediocre careers and transforming them into world beaters. He first did this with Pat Perez who won twice in a year at the age of 40, then with Kevin Na who won…

Posted byBy Baden Schaff

Sample Golf Lesson: Alex Moore With Brian

To give you a sense for what Skillest lessons might look like, here is one of the first lessons I had with Alex Moore. Skillest golf lessons are great because you will have a list of every lesson you’ve taken. If you forget what you need to work on, you can review your lessons anytime….

Posted byBy Brian Park