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Be free of geographic barriers. Search and compare a world of instructors and find the coach that is truly right for you.


Simply upload footage of your motion, explain your weaknesses and questions and prepare for a skill upgrade!


Your coach will then use Skillest's seamless tools to diagnose, create a detailed analysis, attach drills and send you on your way to success.

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Online Courses

Get access to structured learning by purchasing online courses from the best coaches

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Interact seamlessly with coaches from around the world. Send footage of your action and receive a detailed analysis.


Sign up to 24 x 7 swing support and revolutionise the pace of the feedback loop. Access your coach whenever you need them

I am a golf coach always looking to expand my coaching knowledge and thanks to @skillestapp I reached out to @andreaskaligolf and had a golf lesson of my own. Fantastic information and so pleased to be able to communicate with other coaches! This app enables golfers to connect with coaches all over the world for lessons. #newera

Jay Kelly

Teaching Professional at West Kent Golf Club
Great analysis and prescription from Dr Putt... @jamesjankgolf looking forward to getting out on the green and putting his suggestions into practice! Only made possible from 5k miles away via @skillestapp. Nice work @badenschaff! Great platform!!

Nick Pateman

Golfer from London
-8 at Coral Springs Country Club. Never in a million years did I think that was possible. New car new, personal-best. This might be tough to beat.

Jason Owens

Golfer in Florida had a lesson with Andreas Kali in Denmark

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the typical response time?

Coaches can take anywhere between immediate and a few days. Your coach will generally be in touch through the messenger in your lesson if there is a delay

Do online lessons work??

Not only do they work but they a potentially proving to be a better way to learn. Online lessons allow you to - Learn from the coach that's right for you, regardless of where you live. -Allow you to learn in your own time in a controlled environment. - The feedback loop is dramatically increased. No more monthly lessons when you get to the range. Get feedback CONSTANTLY at the push of a button. - Refer back to the instructions when ever you want. We could go on and on here but you get the picture.

How do I record my action??

The best way to record you action is with your smart phone. You want to get footage from the front angle and the back angle ensuring the whole body is in shot. Ideally you will have a phone holder to help you.