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Access the best coaches in the world

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Skillest connects you to the best golf coaches in the world.

Communicate with your coach remotely. Send swings for analysis, chat any time you have questions, and discuss your game over live video.

Skillest empowers you to interact with your coach from home or whenever you need them!

Improve your game from your mobile device, anytime, anywhere and change the way you learn forever. 

Don't settle for the coach down the road! Elite instruction is at your fingertips





Access the best coaches in the world

We have many more Skillest coaches to help you improve your game


Sean Foley

Jay Kelly

West Kent Golf Club

Alex Clapp

Enmore Park GC, U.K.

Pete Lockett

PTL Golf, London

Toby McGeachie

TM Golf, Sydney, Australia



Alex Riggs


Shauheen Nakhjavani

Nakhjavani Golf Academy

Dominic Azzopardi

PGA Tour Coach

Be free of geographic barriers. Search and compare a world of instructors and find the coach that is truly right for you.



Your coach will then use Skillest's seamless tools to diagnose, create a detailed analysis, attach drills and send you on your way to success.


Simply upload footage of your motion, explain your weaknesses and questions and prepare for a skill upgrade!

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Skillest connects you with the best golf coaches across the world for online golf coaching, training, putting tips and swing video analysis from home.

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Seal Colley

I was able to send in swings as frequently as I needed and I could talk to my coach as obstacles arose. 

The best part is not having to wait for another in person lesson to ask questions or for my coach to check in on progress. 

Jason Mendoza

Prior to Skillest, I had taken in person golf lessons and they were wonderful. However I found myself forgetting what the instructor had told me to work on or look for.

The joy of Skillest is that I can go back and watch old lessons and rewatch the instructions and breakdown of my golf swing. It has been amazing!

Real Golfers With Real Gains

Matt McCormick

It was well worth the money. I would rate it a 10 out of 10.  

All of my lessons on Skillest have been fabulous.  I'm very happy with your application and the turn around time for the lessons.

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Gavin Iwanaka

Skillest made it really convenient to film my swings in my backyard and get analysis and drills to try the next day.

In three months, I've gained a club of distance and dropped 5 strokes from my handicap.

Watch video testimonial

I'm a tinkerer of my golf swing and can exaggerate changes. 

Using the app was simple and easy to communicate with Tyler and get his feedback.

Vipul Gidda

Andrew Boys

I wanted guidance on better ball compression with my ball striking. 

The best thing about Skillest is the ability to use video and messaging to work with an awesome coach to help you at your pace - which in my case is pretty fast!"