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Sample Golf Lesson: Alex Moore With Brian

To give you a sense for what Skillest lessons might look like, here is one of the first lessons I had with Alex Moore.

Skillest golf lessons are great because you will have a list of every lesson you’ve taken. If you forget what you need to work on, you can review your lessons anytime.

Skillest lessons often start with the student sending their golf swing from multiple angles. If you need help understanding what angles to record from or need advice on what equipment you might need, please review this article.

I sent Alex my Face On swing which is shown below:

And I also sent my golf swing from down the line:

In addition to sending my golf swings, Alex asked me many questions related to why I was taking lessons, what I wanted to work on and what my background with golf and golf lessons was. After we discussed my goals, Alex sent me the following 3 videos:

In these 3 videos, Alex gave me a sense for how my swing could be improved. Then we discussed the lessons through chat and developed a game plan for which parts of my swing I should be fixing first. He gave me specific drills to work on and the next step would be for him to assess whether the drills were helping me make the changes he thought were most important to make my swing more repeatable and efficient.

I was really impressed with my online golf lesson with Alex Moore and I’ve been a subscriber for many months because I like his teaching style.

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