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Unlock the Secrets to Phil Mickelson’s Exceptional Chipping Skills

Posted byBy John Austin

From his numerous achievements on the golf course to his unparalleled chipping skills, there’s no denying Phil Mickelson’s impact on the game of golf. Sharing his knowledge with golfers worldwide, Mickelson generously offers valuable chipping tips to help amateurs level up their short game.

Follow these chipping techniques, as shared by Phil Mickelson, to hit crispy chip shots consistently and see significant improvements in your short game:

Phil Mickelson’s Chipping Tips

#1 Weight on the front leg

Mickelson emphasizes the importance of placing your weight on your front leg, which allows the club’s leading edge to reach the ground effectively. This positioning helps you strike the ball with a descending blow while avoiding thin shots.

#2 Hands forward at setup

By positioning your hands ahead of the club during setup, you create an inverse line that supports the descending strike on the ball. This simple modification can reduce the possibility of the leading edge lifting during impact.

#3 Adjust ball position for different shot heights

Mickelson recommends positioning the ball forward in your stance for higher shots, and positioning it further back near your rear foot for lower shots. This slight adjustment allows you to precisely control the trajectory of your shots around the green.

#4 Turn shoulders during the swing

Taking it a step further, Phil Mickelson highlights the significance of turning your shoulders—not just your arms—during the chipping swing. He compares chipping to executing a full swing and explains that lack of proper shoulder movement could result in a steep angle of attack. This positioning could lead to inconsistent contact, resulting in either chunked or thinned shots.

According to Mickelson, implementing proper shoulder movement during the chipping swing makes it easier to hit the ball crisply with solid contact. By emulating your full swing, you encourage the club to stay on plane and engage the bounce, ultimately producing a soft and controlled finish.

Take it from the Experts

Not only are these chipping tips endorsed by Phil Mickelson himself, but even seasoned golf writers like Chris Powers, from Golf Digest, vouch for their effectiveness. Powers praises the results of implementing these simple techniques by stating, “I was already a good chipper, but this simple technique change from Phil made me a generational one.”

These chipping tips have also been beneficial for major champions like Jon Rahm, who diligently pay heed to the advice offered by the six-time major winner. Mickelson generously shares his insights and creativity around the greens to both professional players and dedicated golf enthusiasts alike.

Embrace the Wisdom of a Golf Legend

While Phil Mickelson’s recent involvement in some controversial golf situations may have caused mixed feelings among the golfing community, there is no discounting the value of his short game expertise. If you’re aiming to improve your short game, follow the chipping advice shared above, and witness the results for yourself. After all, Mickelson is considered one of the greatest short game players of all time, and his methods are certifiably effective in navigating the greens.

Incorporate these chipping techniques into your practice routine and elevate your short game prowess. By following Phil Mickelson’s valuable insights, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a short game master and enjoying more success on the golf course.

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