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Belgium’s best swings analysed!

Over the weekend we saw Thomas Detry come so so close to getting his first European tour win. For the size of the country Belguim has always punched above its weight in term of performance at the elite level. Players like Nicholas Colsaerts and Thomas Pieters have been regulars on the European Ryder Cup team…

Posted byBy Baden Schaff

Skillest in the “New York Times”

It’s official. Skillest has hit the big time! We were incredibly excited to be featured in The New York Times on Wednesday 7/7/21. Paul Sullivan wrote a wonderful piece on the growth of the platform, how COVID has accelerated golfers willingness to learn golf online and just how powerful it is as a learning model….

Posted byBy Baden Schaff

Student in Iceland makes incredible swing change!

When we started Skillest we wanted to connect students of the world with the best coaches. We have been obsessed with breaking down all geographic barriers as we expanded our coaching marketplace out. There is no better example of this vision being realised than a student in Iceland learning from an elite coach in Vancouver….

Posted byBy Baden Schaff

Irish Open winner Lucas Herbert swing analysis

After winning the Irish Open this weekend Lucas Herbert is without a doubt one of the up and coming superstars of the game. But you could say that he has done it in quite an unorthodox fashion. His swing is uniquely his and when many coaches would have broken his swing down and removed all…

Posted byBy Baden Schaff

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John Montgomery student swing analysis

John Mongomery is on the rise. After being voted one of the top young coaches in Golf Digest Magazine he was soon after featuring in the magazine with his own column. He has also just completed filming “Swing Expedition” with Chris Como for the Golf Channel, so stay tuned for that episode.  But the thing…

Posted byBy Baden Schaff

Jason Kokrak swing analysis with his coach Drew Steckel

Drew Steckel is one of the hottest golf coaches on tour. In particular he is renowned for taking tour veterans who have had mediocre careers and transforming them into world beaters. He first did this with Pat Perez who won twice in a year at the age of 40, then with Kevin Na who won…

Posted byBy Baden Schaff

Sample Golf Lesson: Alex Moore With Brian

To give you a sense for what Skillest lessons might look like, here is one of the first lessons I had with Alex Moore. Skillest golf lessons are great because you will have a list of every lesson you’ve taken. If you forget what you need to work on, you can review your lessons anytime….

Posted byBy Brian Park

How To Record Your Golf Swing

If you want to record your golf swing to get an online golf lesson on Skillest, make sure you record from the correct camera angles. You can either ask somebody to record your swing for you or you can buy a camera / phone stand so you can record your own golf swing. Choosing The…

Posted byBy Brian Park

Support India and get a lesson from Alex Riggs

I’m sure you are all aware that India is going through devastating challenges with Covid. My connections with India and the Indian people are very strong as they have truly opened their hearts to me over the years. In an effort to give back and show support, for the next 5 days, I am offering…

Posted byBy Alex Riggs

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