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Key steps to creating a successful Skillest account: Step 1

For a basic understanding of the features of your Skillest account please see this link.

Once you have a good understanding of these features, implement these strategies to ensure success on Skillest! 

Profile must haves!

Skillest puts a lot of energy into attracting students from across the world to discover coaches on our platform. But if you want to be discovered and selected, your coaching profile needs to look 5 star. Students are unlikely to select a coach who has not gone to the effort to complete their profile. So here are the non-negotiables when building out your Skillest account.

  1. Profile picture. A professionally shot photo where students can get a clear picture of what you look like. Golfers want to connect with the coach that they will learn from
  2. Profile video is absolutely critical. These videos are now one of the first elements of your profile that a student will see. So give students an idea of your history, coaching style and what they can expect if they work with you. If you don’t have a bio video you are giving a student a reason to bypass your account and move on. So get on it! 
  3. Bio is very important. Students take note of your history, education and coaching style. So paint the picture for them.
  4. Free onboarding Zoom. In your profile you will see a section for “Setup Calendar Links”. Many of our leading coaches provide prospective students a free 15-30 minute zoom consultation. Coaches report very high conversion rates to subscribers from these Zoom sessions. These sessions give you the chance to create real time connections with a student and helps you understand their needs and goals. If you already use a platform such as Calendly or Accuity this is where you can put your booking link. There is a button next to Enable Link that you will need to turn on as well.
  5. Get 10 ratings and review and give 20m lessons as a minimum. As you may have seen there are a lot of amazing coaches on Skillest. So it’s critical to break through the noise. You need to ensure that your profile looks “alive” and not inactive. Many coaches have given well over 1000 lessons and have hundreds of reviews. They have a lot of social proof and students feel comfortable paying them for lessons. So you need to get early traction. Give away vouchers to current students, friends and family.