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Coach Profile: Charles Sandison-Woods

As the son of a psychologist and an Oxford University student-athlete, it’s no surprise that Charles Sandison-Woods became a pro golf coach. Over the years, he traveled the world to work with some of the best coaches and experts to help improve his own craft. As a coach at Moor Park Golf Club, Charles shares his…

Posted byBy Zach Gray

5 Tips For A Perfect Takeaway In Your Golf Swing

A proper takeaway sets up your entire golf swing. By fixing the most common takeaway mistakes, you can take your game to the next level! We’ve gathered tips from 5 different Skillest coaches to help you learn: • How to control your clubface and keep it square• How to avoid taking the club inside too…

Posted byBy Brian Park

10 Practical and Timeless Golf Tips for Beginners

You have probably heard your fair share of golf tips as a golfer. Some contain golf wisdom that improves your game. At the same time, too many bad tips will confuse you, especially when new to the game. These golfing tips are practical and timeless. They will help you improve and help you break your…

Posted byBy John Barton

How Many Golf Lessons Should I Take?

So you’re ready to improve your golf game with lessons, but you’re unsure how to go about the whole process. How many golf lessons should you take for how long, and what can you expect from them? Well, the answer is twofold. Below we’ve outlined the traditional approach to golf lessons along with a revolutionary…

Posted byBy Brian Park

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Coach Profile: Andy Little

For his entire life, Andy Little has only known golf. At the age of 2, he was given a small plastic club and was always playing with it. He eventually moved up to real clubs and big courses before a traumatic injury experienced playing the sport he loved nearly took his life at the age…

Posted byBy Zach Gray

Online Golf Lessons: Everything To Know 

We all struggle with finding enough time in our day to play and practice golf. Sometimes taking an extra trip out to the golf club at a time that works for your local golf professional is just not convenient. With the modern technology that golfers have access to, online golf lessons are a perfect replacement…

Posted byBy Brian Park

5 Tips to Sync Your Upper Body in the Golf Downswing

Many golfers struggle with the following problems: Early extension Hanging back in the downswing Coming over the top One of the keys to a great golf swing is understanding how to sync up your arms and upper body on the downswing.  We’ve combined tips and drills from 5 different Skillest coaches to help you improve…

Posted byBy Brian Park

Coach Profile: Phil Leathem

It was around age 14 when Phil Leathem joined his local country club after dabbling in the sport his whole family played. A few years later, he noticed he was getting pretty good and went for a lesson with the head professional. It was during this lesson that Phil’s career path would be set. “He…

Posted byBy Zach Gray

Here’s How You Could Earn $50 After Getting an Online Golf Lesson

There’s nothing better than seeing golfers share their satisfaction with their gains after using Skillest. Our mission has been and always will be to provide golfers access to the best coaches from around the world to bring their game to the next level. If you’re part of the thousands of satisfied golfers, then you might…

Posted byBy Skillest Staff

Coach Profile: Bradley Nienaber

Although South Africa has brought us some of the world’s best golfers in the likes of Gary Player and Ernie Els, the game itself isn’t easily accessible to everyone in the country. That why Bradley Nienaber, a South African native and life-long golfer, became a golf instructor. With over a decade of coaching experience, Brad…

Posted byBy Zach Gray

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