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Key steps to creating a successful Skillest account: Step 7

Be clever with your growth tactics.

  1. Use your Skillest student base to onboard more students. We know that 20% of students are learning on Skillest because a friend invited them. Word of mouth will be a huge avenue to growth.
  2. If you have a subscriber base, offer to analyze the swings of their friends. You can tell your subscribers to feel free to start a new lesson and use their friend’s golf swing instead.
  3. Doing giveaways to give away free lessons. You can use free vouchers to fulfill these lessons.
  4. Direct message your followers, offering them a Zoom or free voucher to dive into their game.
  5. Never stop telling the story of the benefits of online coaching. Cost, time, quality, convenience.
  6. Reactivate students who have unsubscribed. Often students who have unsubscribed are just taking time to work on things. So be sure to reengage these students. Email/text/zoom with them. Ask them how they are going and if you can help in their next phase of development. Reactivation is key to compounding growth.