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Getting Started As A Coach On Skillest

Getting started on Skillest isn’t as simple as just creating a a great coaches profile, although that is very important. It takes a bit of hard work, good promotion, creating word of mouth, and perhaps most importantly great value for your students. As the early adopters of online coaching it’s our responsibility to provide amazing coaching for our customers. But if we get it right we can be the market leaders and build big businesses for our coaches. So let’s do it!

Below are some great webinars and interviews with coaches who have built big Skillest businesses. We talk about how they did it, how they went from no students to some to lots and then how they manage the workload and expectations of students. They are invaluable if you want some momentum in your online coaching. 

From our experience you need to give away a lot to get some returns. We need to show students what online coaching is all about, how incredibly powerful it can be and that it is not only a legitimate method but a better way to learn. So don’t be afraid to give away lots of lessons for free as it has many benefits (Alex Riggs discusses this in his first webinar). So watch them all and If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact

We are really excited to have you involved in Skillest and we can’t wait to work together to build you a big online business!

Keith Bennet ( How To Grow Your Social Media Presence And Skillest Business )

ALEX RIGGS ( My first 3 months on Skillest )

Alex Riggs went from 0 to 30 subscribers in 3 months, building a business that is now the majority of his coaching. He travels between Canada and Dubai during the season so using Skillest allows him to connect with all of his students around the world. This interview is all about his early momentum and how he went from 1 subscriber to 3 to 10 and then beyond. This is a must watch if you’re serious about getting underway!

JAKE HUTT ( Content Creation Webinar )

In this video Jake Hutt discusses how he thinks about content creation and how it can convert to online lessons. He discusses the fear he originally had, how he overcame it and how his content has helped create a powerful brand.

How to build a social presence and online coaching business with Shauheen Nakhjavani

Shauheen Nakhjavani has given over 6,000 lessons on skillest. He has been so prolific that he now employs his brother to run his entire online business. In this video they discuss how they work as a team, how they manage all of their demand, how they use paid advertising to promote their Skillest profile and much more.

From 0 to 60 weekly online lessons in 2 years. Steve Giuliano Webinar

2 years ago Steve Giuliano’s online coaching business was almost non existent. Today he is doing more than 60 lessons a week and has gone from teaching 5 days a week in person to now only 2.

The recent Covid pandemic has only accelerated this current online trend. In this webinar he discusses how you should frame your thinking around online lessons and what the future looks like for digital coaching.

Marketing masterclass with Jono Gelfand

Jono Gelfand is a superstar marketing Guru. This webinar, which was conducted with 200 coaches watching on, gives you all the ins and outs on paid advertising, content creation, giveaways and much much more. Building a big Skillest profile is not just about starting a profile… It’s about building a compelling story as to why students should learn from you.