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Coach Profile: Jordan Bazzone

Imagine dropping out of school as a teenager, then working part time at a golf retail store, eventually putting enough work into the game to consider playing full time, and finally becoming a coach at a prestigious club? It’s an unconventional journey, but the exact one Jordan Bazzone took to… Read More »Coach Profile: Jordan Bazzone

Coach Profile: Nick Adcock

What started as an after-work hobby with coworkers transformed into a career for Nick Adcock. The London, Ontario native became immersed in golf in his early 20s, eventually leading to a life in coaching at the renowned Sean Foley Performance Academy in Lake Mary, Florida. Nick shares his journey, detailing… Read More »Coach Profile: Nick Adcock

Coach Profile: Alex Clapp

From starting at age 10 in England, to playing college golf in Florida, then turning pro, but walking away from the game after, and finally returning to the game as an amateur and coach. Alex Clapp has had quite the golf journey, and is enjoying his time helping others improve… Read More »Coach Profile: Alex Clapp

Coach Profile: Jay Kelly

Serving as the Head PGA Professional at the West Kent Golf Club in Downe, England, Jay Kelly has worked with players of all abilities, from beginner level to Tour Professional. He travels the world seeing other top golf coaches, seeking out new ideas and findings about the game. Jay specializes… Read More »Coach Profile: Jay Kelly

Coach Profile: Alex Riggs

Based in Dubai, UAE, Alex Riggs is a Canadian-born golf coach who has spent almost 20 years working under some of the best names in golf, including Sean Foley. Alex travels regularly for both amateur and professional players, including many top PGA & LPGA Tour Players. With hundreds of 5-star… Read More »Coach Profile: Alex Riggs