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Thank Golf It’s Friday – Volume 7

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Much like last week, if you’re unfortunately working on this New Year’s Eve, then allow this blog to serve as a way to kill time before punching out for a night filled with champagne and possible regret.

Earlier this week, we asked folks on social media what their New Year’s Resolutions were (golfing related, of course). Let’s dive into some of those…

I think we know how we can help with that, Sheldon.

I have a much opposite problem, as I tend to smash the ball directly into the ground approximately 7 inches in front of me. Also, you’d think “3puttpelle” would want to work on their putting in 2022. Time to change the username, pal.

I’m not a professional golfer, but I have worked in sports during my entire career. (Except for the 4 months I was installing commercial-grade sheet metal for AC units in businesses despite having zero experience, but that’s a story for another day.) Working in sports, I’ve always heard from friends and family saying “your job must be so cool.” Yeah, it can be, but it’s still a way to make a living. So I’m sure as much as the pros and coaches love golf, at the end of the day, a job is a job. But to be retired and golf every day just for the hell of it? That right there is quite literally the only thing I’m jealous about old people. So you do you, brewman11. Golf your ass off in 2022.

Is this Bryson DeChambeau’s burner account? Or it could be Maverick’s. Either way, we’ve got a good drill for you, Brandon. You can thank coach Nathan Leonhardt for this one.


Drill for bigger turn and more club head speed! (via @TDA_Golf) ##golf ##golftips ##golfing ##pga##golftok ##golftiktok ##golfer ##golfswing ##golfdrill

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This is my 2023 resolution.

This is my 2025 resolution

This is the right answer. Grammar 3/10, but a perfect 10/10 answer.

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