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Thank Golf It’s Friday – #9

Only one more full week of January left, and we’ll be another month closer to golf season. Well, at least for us here in the Northern Hemisphere. And maybe if you’re in Florida, then hey, good for you for being able to play year round. Must be terrible.

Thank Golf It’s Friday – Volume 2

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Well friends, the minds here at Skillest read the first edition of TGIF and decided that it was a fine addition to the blog and brand overall. So I guess I won’t be fired (yet). Alas, we continue this weekly blog in hopes of making readers’ days better. Although I can assure you getting lessons on the app is a much better use of your time. But hey, it’s your life. Do whatever you want.

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Thank Golf It’s Friday – Volume 1

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Welcome to the very first edition of Thank Golf It’s Friday or TGIF for short. This weekly blog will be published (you guessed it) every Friday. Well, unless you live somewhere in Australia, then you can enjoy reading this at say, 4:20am on Saturday. This will be far different from the other blogs here on Skillest. Think of this blog as the written version of getting beers after a long week of crap at work. Or better yet, leaving the office early to play a round with the boys. Or with the ladies, we don’t discriminate around here. Anywho, enjoy..

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